Sunday, 25 January 2015

World In Motion

While I try to decide which band I'm going to write about next, here's a link for another blog that you might enjoy.

DJ Esperanto, or Jenny as we know her, is a fan of music from around the world, in many different styles but usually sung in a foreign language. She posts a vintage foreign language song on Twitter and Facebook each day and her new blog aims to archive all of those songs.

I think the term "world music" has fallen out of fashion to a certain extent but it was often used to describe the music popularised by Andy Kershaw, amongst others, on his radio show from the late 1980s onwards. Those artists seemed to be primarily from Africa and the Middle East so the name could be regarded as inappropriate. DJ Esperanto also posts tracks from European countries and as she goes beyond the confines of world music, perhaps we should term her choices "universal music".

You can follow the blog here:

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